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  • 14/07/2022

    Antioquia, Valle del Cauca, Bogotá

    Rol: Software Engineer Specialist Requisitos: Entidad financiera busca Ingeniero de sistemas y/o título en ciencias de la computación, matemáticas o una disciplina relacionada con la ingeniería, junto con al menos cinco (5) años de experiencia práctica. Experiencia en infraestructura empresarial de la industria financiera o bancaria. Experiencia en ciclo de desarrollo de despliegue de aplicaciones y gestión de lanzamientos. Trabajé con herramientas DevOps para la aplicación. Se prefiere Pega CSA (Arquitecto de sistema certificado) (es bueno tenerlo). Nivel de inglés: Avanzado. Experiencia en desarrollo DevOps. Conocimientos en infraestructura. Condiciones Laborales: Lugar de Trabajo: Bogotà, Cali, Medellìn. Contrato: indefinido directo con la entidad financiera. Exelentes beneficios extralegales. Esta vacante es divulgada a través de

  • 11/07/2022

    Antioquia, Bogotá

    Role: Software Developer We are not a software factory that develops software for other companies, we are a Colombian company that hacks and develops its own products: Security scanners for vulnerability detection (SCA, SAST, DAST, RE, Fuzzer). Orchestrators for vulnerability remediation. Trojans for the penetration of business systems. Real vulnerability confirmation engines to break the build in continuous integrators. Data pipelines that extract data to later be analyzed with Big Data techniques. We control the product roadmap and we decide what will be incorporated into our products. We hate excessive planning and useless meetings, we believe in the power of programming and that code speaks for you, not handbooks or documentation. We love python with duck typing as a central development tool, our frontend is built in typescript and react, using only stateless components. We do not say that we are DevOps, we live DevOps by having more than 70 daily deployments to production. All the infrastructure is as it is in Terraform, deployed in AWS and with a Kubernetes cluster which is the heart of our operation and that allows us to have high availability systems. If you don't know anything about this, it doesn't matter. If you want to be part of our team, we are looking for engineers, mathematicians. we don't really care what you studied or what you know, but what you can learn and how disciplined you are. Requirements: You don't need to be a graduate, but it is necessary to have good programming logic. It does not matter if it is in a particular language, because what is important is that you can easily adapt to the languages ​​that are used within the company. In addition, you must be: honest, a teamwork player and disciplined. Desired Skills: Experience programming in any language. Details: Salary: 1.800.000 a 14.800.000 COP. Specific Experience: 0 a 15 years. City: 100% remote. Type of expected contract: Indefinite. English:Technical Reading. Do you accept candidates with a disability condition: Yes. This vacancy is disclosed through

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